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It is a very modern and well-balanced wine offering fine floral scents. In taste and persistence, the wine is reminiscent of the typical characteristics of the Verdicchio grape.  


VARIETY:   Verdicchio

HARVEST: The grapes are harvested in mid-September.


TECHNICAL PRODUCTION: After harvesting, the grapes are cooled with dry ice (CO2) and then de-stemmed. The must and the skins undergo a cold maceration for many hours. After a soft pressing, the juice is fermented for about 10 days at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts. The wine, after 5 months of ageing in stainless steel, is cold stabilized and bottled for 2 month before release.


TASTING NOTES: Straw-yellow in colour with aromas of ripe peach, nice floral notes and hints of citrus fruit and lime. The wine is quite savoury with good body and structure with a long-tasting finish.


RECOMMENDED SERVING: The aromas and structure of this particularly intense and somewhat pungent dry wine should be paired with fish or meat dishes with intense flavour.


SERVICE TEMPERATURE : between 8° and 10°C.


ALCOHOL: 13% Vol.


CLASSIFICATION: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC.


PRODUCTION AREA: Estate-produced in Morro d'Alba (AN) and bottled in Numana, Ancona.


VINEYARD:  the vineyard is located in Morro d'Alba, in the original area of Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi  DOC.


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